Mature students admission creates opportunities for candidates with relevant work
experience who are above the age of 25 years to access tertiary education. These
categories of students usually have deficiencies in their secondary school grades which
are compensated for by the mature entrance examination.

Admission Requirements
Mature candidates may wish to apply through the mature entrance examination.
The requirements are as follows;
e. Must have attained the age of 25 years at the time of submitting the
application forms.
f. Must show proof of age with birth certificate.
g. Must have at least 2 years relevant work experience
h. Must have attended secondary school before.

Diploma and HND Holders
Holders of Diploma and HND in relevant areas in General Agriculture, Environmental
Science and Natural Resource Management are encouraged to apply. Diploma holders
shall be placed in level 100 if they have no deficiencies in their secondary school
grades. HND holders shall be placed in either level 200 or 300 depending on the class
of certificate and shall undertake a bridging course prior to admission. Such candidates
must not possess deficiencies in their secondary school grades. HND holders with
deficiencies in their secondary school grades shall register and undertake the mature
entrance examination.
Study Plans
There are two options available for mature student’s studies in the University College.
Usually because most mature students are workers they follow the Weekend School
Programme which is run on a regular 16-week semester schedule. Lectures are held on
Saturdays and Sundays at two-week intervals.
Regular or full time study options are available for mature students to join the regular

Mode of Application
Purchase admission forms at the following sales centers:
v) UCAES campus at Bunso, Eastern Region, Ghana near Linda Dor Accra –
Kumasi Highway Rest Stop: (GH ¢ 75.00 Cash)
vi) All Regional Post Office and EMS centers: (GH ¢ 75.00 Cash)
vii) Download the application form here. Pay the Application Fee of GHC ¢ 75.00
as a bankers draft drawn at any commercial bank in the name of the
University. Attach the bankers draft to the completed Application Form.
viii) Mature applicants should indicate “MATURE” at the top of the first page of
application form.

Contact: University Administration – 050 0342659 / 054 7940620

Faculty Office – 024 5809402/0244 955821
Monday to Friday: 8 am – 5pm

Submission of Application Forms
Completed application forms and all required documents should be addressed to:
The Registrar
University College of Agriculture and
Environmental Studies (UCAES)
P. O Box 27
Bunso, E/R